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About Us

Ciara Louise Academy & Salon is a small salon / academy, we have a number of very talented individuals on site, that means we are your one stop shop for your beauty needs, everyone has their own specialty serivce to offer.

Ciara officially started her journey just shy of 10 years ago, when she attended beauty college,she took additional private classes alongside her hair and beauty college course, this allowed her to dabble in a range of different serivces and is the reason she can now offer a number of courses in her training academy. She always knew training others was the ultimate goal, even asking her piercing trainer, and college director at 16 how she could get into teaching. 

Ciara  has been teaching for 3 years and offers small intimate classes, this ensures that high quality education is provided, this also benefits indiviuals that have learning or meantal health difficulties, which she has experienced from students before. Ciara has discovered that alot of people in this industry have stuggled in school, or didnt find interest in more academic job roles, and students have often expressed to her that this was down to their mental health, or learning difficulties, stating that they selected her course because of her experience.

Ciara continues to offer a range of treatments day to day alongside other occupants at the salon, she teaches mostly at the weekend and occasionally throughout the week.

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