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Training Courses



Are courses Accredited and what does that mean?

All training courses are accredited with the british beauty group, this means our courses are inspected by the british beauty group, and have to meet a high standard before they can be offered to students. This will make the course more insurable.

Am I guarenteed to get insured ?

No, no training provider should ever guarentee insurance, this is because insurance companies will take other circumstances like bankrupcy, debt so on into consideration which we can not and should not discuss, or comment on. We will recommend insurance providers that are aware of our courses, and regularaly provide cover for our students under the requirements that we as an academy meet. 

Do I need level 2 beauty or other pre requisites to take a course?

Technically accredited courses are additional training / continued education, this generally means you should have a qualification such as level 1/2/3 beauty or ofqual accredited / vtct anatomy and physiology training (usually). It is decided by the insurance provider to decide what you need to be insurable, we have discussed this with the insurance providers that we recommend and they have stated that level /qualifications are not always required to be insured, and they usually ask if you have had face to face, accredited training in the course yo are trying to get insured in. But this is not a guarentee, you should always talk to insurance to ask if they will insure you before training, and it is your responsibility to do so, we can not be held accountable for this. 

The pre requisites we ask for on our courses, which can be found on the course, on the shop page, is based on our own requirements from you, and decided by us and our accreditors.

Are kits included?

You can check on the information section, on the course, via the shop, which courses include goodie bags, which are kits that dont include every sinle thing you need to complete a service, or full kits that will include everything you need. We will provide information on where you can buy items, discount codes we have for you and what you need.

Do I need to bring my own model?

You can check on the information section, on the course, via the shop, which courses include models and which you have to provide your own model for, and how many models are required for said course, if you cannot gain model(s) make us aware we can usually provide one for you with enough notice. 

What if I dont pass?

Should you need additional training after the usual time provided to pass, we will charge a fee to resit or be reassessed, the amount will be dependent on the requirments that have and have not been successful. This is rare, but always possible.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes you will receive certification either via email as a printable PDF document, in paper form or both.

Cancellation, Refund & No Show Policy For All Training Courses Taken At Ciara Louise Academy 

Fees associated with courses at Ciara Louise Academy & Salon Including but not limited to, cancellation, no show, and booking fees. Legally, to determine a refund for a cancellation or no show, we will calculate the amount in loss of earnings, profit and cost incurred, and you will be refunded the amount after this cost, should there be an amount remaining.


There is no rescheduling policy in place, if you cancel / no show you may be entitled to a refund on an amount that will be calculated based on the cost of your cancellation / no show, whether you cancelled minutes after booking and months before the course date, or not showing at all on the day the course begins you can still incur fees.


The amount determined for refunds are based off of what you have paid us to date, wether that be a deposit or the full amount, we can not enforce that you pay us the remaining amount after cancelling or not showing up, we will incur a loss. When cancelling, we cannot determine the costs until after the date that you were booked for, this is because we don’t know what costs are incurred until the booked date, for example should someone fill the space you left behind last minute, we can deduct this loss from the amount we keep cover cost incurred, but if we don’t fill the space there will be a charge.


We consider a no show the same as a cancellation, legally the refund you will receive, isn’t dependent on the amount of time you have made us aware that you will not be attending the scheduled booking, however it is based on the amount of cost we incur due to your cancellation / no show, whether it be 1 month prior or 10 minutes after. We do however offer individuals cancelling with sufficient notice, the opportunity to attend our company in future whether that be for appointments as a client, or training as a student, but will not offer the same to no shows, we ask that no shows avoid booking in future due to the chances of this happening again!

Unfortunately, due to legal reasons we no longer allow for you to cancel with no consequences at all, should we face a cancellation due to sickness, emergency or similar you will be refunded as the policy states, and offered the chance to reschedule but incur costs that we have to charge again for that are hidden in the total price you paid. All charges below will be deducted from the total bill when purchasing courses, these costs are hidden within the course price, and broken down below for your knowledge, understanding and agreement, they are only charged separately should you cancel / no show and request a refund. Course / Training only: When scheduling a course, we charge a £50 admin/booking fee for any correspondence back and forth, including but not limited to information provided, discussions had, documents shared, and general enquiries.

When scheduling a course, we charge a £100 fee for manuals / training materials, all manuals / training materials are sent any time after payment is received, this is the price we will charge you to keep and own our training manuals/materials should cancellation/no show occur. When booking courses we charge a £5 finder's fee per model, this amount has occurred due to the amount of time that goes into finding, vetting and booking models for training, and should you cancel / no show, covers the cost of us cancelling all models also. Other charges (these charges are only made to those that have scheduled dates for courses, if you have paid for your course but don’t yet have dates booked in you will not be expected to pay for any of these fees if you request a refund /cancel your course). Other costs we take into consideration when calculating a refund amount due to cancellation / no show, include but are not limited to, hourly rate for the trainer providing the course £10.42 (based on minimum wage), loss of profit (an amount to be determined depending on the price you paid for your course, after all other fees are calculated, we also consider costs that can’t be resold/returned for example, products that may expire that would have been used on your course. For your knowledge and understanding. Legally we have to make sufficient effort to fill the space you left behind, resell/reuse any products and equipment, and ensure the only amount we are keeping from your refund is for fair / good reason, and we can send you a breakdown of our final figures, after the date you are cancelling/no showing for. You will not be charged anything written on top of the amount of your course, these costs are built into your training course and will be deducted from the price should cancellation or no show occur. You will be sent a consent form to sign to agree with this document information. All deposits and booking fees are non-refundable unless agreed to with the practitioner.

Kits & Goodie Bags 


The course listed will be what’s listed on your certificate upon completion, choose

which kit you prefer to be included with the course, you will only receive the kit for the

price point you select.



Brow Lamination Wax & Tint Course

Select the price point you wish to pay includes the course listed above with the kit:


Eye Brow tint mini starter pack £244.25

Eye Brow tinting starter kit £277.25

Brow bomb lamination kit £279.95

Waxing & tinting beginners kit £314.93

Beautiful Brows starter kit £457

Bundle brow lamination kit inc mini tint starter kit £290



Lash Lift & Tint Course

Select the price point you wish to pay includes the course listed above:

Eye Lash tint mini starter pack £244.25

Eye Lash tinting starter kit £277.25

Lash bomb trial starter pack £291.95

Lash bomb bundle inc mini tint starter kit £304.62

Lash bomb starter kit with case £385

Lash bomb starter kit without case £361

Brow Lamination Wax & Tint And Lash Lift & Tint Course

Select the price point you wish to pay includes the course listed above:

Eye Lash & Eye Brow mini tint starter kit £314.25

Waxing & Tinting beginners kit £384.93

Lash & Brow bomb deluxe trial pack £378.62

Eye Lash & Eyebrow tinting starter kit £347.25

If you wish to add more than 1 kit to your course please make us aware and we can

provide a price.


Course Prices 

All courses are 1-2-1 unless decided

and agreed otherwise.


Face & Body

Spray Tanning £250

Hot Stone Massage £300

Indian head massage £250

Facial £200

Dermaplaning £300

Waxing £380

(Warm wax, excludes intimate areas)



Gel Enhancements £300

Acrylic Enhancements £300

Gel Polish Application £220

Manicure & Pedicure £280

E-File £200

Nail Tech Package £650

(Includes all above 3 days course, and goodie bag)


Dicount available on manicure & pedicure or gel polish, or e-file courses when added to an enhancement course.



B12 injections £280

Ear, nose & cartilage £500 (needle NOT gun)

Microblading £800

Ombre Brows £1000 (coming soon in 2024)

Saline Removal £400

Ombre & Microblading £1600

All 3 package £1800

Fine Line Tattoo £1000 (coming in June 2024)



Classic £300

Volume £250

Both £450

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