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Acrylic Nails 10am - 3:30pm

Pre requisite: Manicure Pedicure, you can take this course the same day, simple add our manicure and pedicure course to the basket along with this course, use code 20OFF at checkout when both added to the cart, to get a discount, and train in a single day sitting.


This is the recommended pre requisite to take our course and gain insurance from providers that we recommend, however other insurance providers will have different requirments and you should check this prior to booking as it is not our or any other academies responsibility to guarentee you will gain insurance.Please provide your own model for this course, we will discuss the requirments expected of the model, the model can arrive with you and wait while we complete theory and take lunch (around 3 hours) or arrive after 3 hours. If you are unable to provide a model, get in touch with at least 2 weeks notice for us to arrange one for you.


Please read cancellation, refund and no show policies prior to booking, you will be sent a copy to sign after checkout and you may be charged fees if you avoid signing and wish to receive a refund instead.Gel Enhancements, to apply builder gel (BIAB), and hard gel, to a natural nail, and to add length with forms and tips.ith forms and tips.

Gel Polish Application Course

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